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Imported Upstream version 5.5.0

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Permanent project members
Florian "octo" Forster <octo at>
- Initial author.
Sebastian "tokkee" Harl <sh at>
- Bugfixes and enhancements in many places all around the project.
- perl plugin.
- users plugin.
- vserver plugin.
- Debian package.
Contributors (sorted alphabetically)
Akkarit Sangpetch <asangpet at>
- write_mongodb plugin.
Alessandro Iurlano <alessandro.iurlano at>
- Initial filecount plugin.
Alex Deymo <deymo at>
- aquaero plugin.
Alvaro Barcellos <alvaro.barcellos at>
- Don't-fork patch.
Amit Gupta <amit.gupta221 at>
- Multiple servers in the apache plugin.
- curl_xml plugin.
Andreas Henriksson <andreas at>
- libmnl support in the netlink plugin.
Andy Parkins <andyp at>
- battery plugin: sysfs code.
Anthony Dewhurst <dewhurst at>
- zfs_arc plugin.
Anthony Gialluca <tonyabg at>
- apcups plugin.
Antony Dovgal <tony at>
- memcached plugin.
Aurélien Reynaud <collectd at>
- LPAR plugin.
- Various fixes for AIX, HP-UX and Solaris.
Benjamin Gilbert <bgilbert at>
- Improvements to the LVM plugin.
Bert Vermeulen <bert at>
- sigrok plugin
Brett Hawn <bhawn at>
- write_tsdb plugin for
Bruno Prémont <bonbons at>
- BIND plugin.
- Many bug reports and -fixes in various plugins,
especially a nasty bug in the network plugin.
- Wireshark dissector.
Chad Malfait <malfaitc at>
- LVM plugin.
Chris Lundquist <clundquist at>
- Improvements to the write_mongodb plugin.
Christophe Kalt <collectd at>
- The version 3 `log' mode.
- Many Solaris related hints and fixes.
Cyril Feraudet <cyril at>
- ethstat plugin.
Dan Berrange <berrange at>
- uuid plugin.
Dan Ryder <daryder at>
- ceph plugin.
David Bacher <drbacher at>
- serial plugin.
Doug MacEachern <dougm at>
- The `-T' option (config testing mode).
- OpenVPN plugin.
- jcollectd (two-way JMX integration).
- A few other patches to various plugins.
- curl_json plugin.
Edward “Koko” Konetzko <konetzed at>
- fscache plugin.
Evan Felix <evan.felix at>
- mic plugin.
Fabian Linzberger <e at>
- Percentage aggregation for `collectd-nagios'.
Fabien Wernli <cpan at>
- Solaris improvements in the memory and interfaces plugin.
Fabrice A. Marie <fabrice at>
- write_sensu plugin.
Flavio Stanchina <flavio at>
- mbmon plugin.
Franck Lombardi
- UNIX socket code for the memcached plugin.
Jason Pepas <cell at>
- nfs plugin.
J. Javier Maestro <jjmaestro at>
- Write-Graphite plugin: UDP support and LogSendErrors flag.
Jeremy Katz <jeremy at>
- percentage reporting in memory and swap plugins.
- zookeeper plugin.
Jérôme Renard <jerome.renard at>
- varnish plugin.
Jiri Tyr <jiri.tyr at>
- fhcount plugin.
Kevin Bowling <kbowling at>
- write_tsdb plugin for
Kimo Rosenbaum <kimor79 at>
- openldap plugin.
Kris Nielander <nielander at>
- tail_csv plugin.
Luboš Staněk <kolektor at>
- sensors plugin improvements.
- Time and effort to find a nasty bug in the ntpd-plugin.
Luke Herberling <collectd at>
- powerdns plugin.
- Initial `tail' subsystem by:
Lyonel Vincent <lyonel at>
- processes plugin.
Manuel Sanmartin
- AIX port of the following plugins:
+ cpu
+ disk
+ interface
+ load
+ memory
+ processes
+ swap
- Various AIX-related fixes and hacks.
Marc Fournier <marc.fournier at>
- Various fixes to the varnish plugin.
- RPM specfile update.
- libmnl support in the netlink plugin.
- linux support in the zfs_arc plugin.
- openldap plugin.
Marco Chiappero <marco at>
- uptime plugin.
- ip6tables support in the iptables plugin.
- openvpn plugin (support for more status file formats)
Michael Hanselmann <public at>
- md plugin.
Michael Schenck <mschenck at>
- IO time support to disk plugin.
Michael Stapelberg <michael+git at>
- OpenBSD port of the tcpconns plugin.
- cgroups plugin.
Michał Mirosław <mirq-linux at>
- thermal plugin.
- Streamlines recursive directory traversion.
Mirko Buffoni <briareos at>
- Port/Socket selection in the MySQL plugin.
Niki W. Waibel <niki.waibel at>
- Initial autotools fixes.
- libltdl code.
- getmnt-wizardry.
Oleg King <king2 at>
- Added support for the statgrab library to
+ the cpu plugin,
+ the disk plugin, and
+ the users plugin.
Ondrej Zajicek <santiago at>
- madwifi plugin.
Patrik Weiskircher <weiskircher at>
- Contextswitch plugin.
- Forkrate counter in the processes plugin.
- INode count in the DF plugin.
Paul Sadauskas <psadauskas at>
- tokyotyrant plugin.
- `ReportByDevice' option of the df plugin.
- write_http plugin.
Peter Holik <peter at>
- cpufreq plugin.
- multimeter plugin.
- irq plugin.
- Some bugfixes in the exec plugin.
- Notifications in the ipmi plugin.
Phoenix Kayo <kayo.k11.4 at>
- pinba plugin.
Pierre-Yves Ritschard <pyr at>
- Write-Riemann plugin.
- Write-Graphite plugin: Notification support.
- Write-Kafka plugin.
- Log-Logstash plugin.
- Normalization in the CPU plugin.
- Relative values in the Load plugin.
Piotr Hosowicz <the55 at>
- SMF manifest for collectd.
Richard W. M. Jones <rjones at>
- virt plugin.
- uuid plugin.
Roman Klesel <roman.klesel at>
- Oracle schema and sample SQL statements to be used with the Oracle plugin.
Rodolphe Quiédeville <rquiedeville at>
- Lock statistics in the mysql plugin.
Scott Garrett <sgarrett at>
- tape plugin.
Scott Sanders <scott at>
- Write-Graphite plugin.
Sebastien Pahl <sebastien.pahl at>
- AMQP plugin.
Simon Kuhnle <simon at>
- OpenBSD code for the cpu and memory plugins.
Sjoerd van der Berg <harekiet at>
- iptables plugin.
Stefan Hacker <stefan.hacker at>
- teamspeak2 plugin.
Sven Trenkel <collectd at>
- netapp plugin.
- python plugin.
Tim Laszlo <tim.laszlo at>
- drbd plugin.
Thomas Meson <zllak at>
- Graphite support for the AMQP plugin.
Tomasz Pala <gotar at>
- conntrack plugin.
Tommie Gannert <d00-tga at>
- PID-file patch.
Vincent Bernat <vincent at>
- smart plugin.
Vincent Brillault <git at>
- turbostat plugin, based on Len Brown <len.brown at> kernel tool
Vincent Stehlé <vincent.stehle at>
- hddtemp plugin.
Wilfried Goesgens <dothebart at>
- linux support in the zfs_arc plugin.
Xin Li <delphij at>
- FreeBSD port of the ZFS-ARC plugin.
collectd is available at:
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